Why Zayat?

Zayat is a concept of Zware Group for the better collaboration and resource sharing of Professional community in Myanmar, including local, expats and repats.


We live in a world where people are increasingly able to choose where, when, and why they work. To support this new workforce, ZAYAT cultivates a community of independents who gather to share, collaborate, and help one another. Through our coworking space, group activities, events, and online interactions, we are building a support system for anyone who seeks to live and work on their terms, together.


Events are the most valuable part of ZAYAT. At events, we make friends, we talk about ideas, we talk about collaborations, we talk about making a difference. ZAYAT will have regular main events every two weeks with the focus on current issues and to find the possible remedies for the difficulties we are facing either on personal scale or on global scale.

Success Stories of 1379

Success Stories of 1379 Saturday 6 PM - 9 PM 31-3-2018

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